Buying an In Ground Safe

Things you should consider before buying an in ground safe. A good quality in ground safe will give you excellent protection from burglary but before you buy you should consider a few points.


Before buying an in ground safe there are a few things to consider. First you need to choose where you want to install it. This could be in a walk in cupboard, under the stairs or in a store room. It is advisable to keep them away from wet areas such as the laundry or the garage. Once you have decided where you want to install the safe it is advisable to check your house plans and or consult an expert to be sure you don’t run the risk of hitting any underground pipes or cables. Another thing to consider would be your termite barrier as by cutting through the floor this may damage your existing termite barrier. These safes are neither waterproof nor fire resistant but when encased in concrete this helps to give some fire resistance.            


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