Fire Rating or Fire Resistance

Fire Rating or Fire Resistance what does it mean when buying a safe. Home safes in particular there is usually a trade off between security and fire rating the more secure safe is not usually Fire Rated rather it has a Fire Resistance that it is designed to withstand.

     Fire Rating Or Fire Resistant 

There is a big difference between these two terms. To obtain a fire rating, a safe must be tested according to the relevant standards (see JIS S 1037 Standard Fire Test and UL Testing Procedures). These tests are rigorous and expensive. As a result many safe manufacturers do not Rate, but instead state the Fire Resistance that their safes are built to withstand. 

Unless stated otherwise Fire Ratings only refer to the protection of paper. Sensitive materials such as stamps, microfilm, diskettes and magnetic media will require the higher protection offered by data inserts or data safes.


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