What to look for in a Home Safe

Home safes come in many different sizes and have different uses, some are just designed for fire protection with others protecting against forced entry. it is important to decide what you want to store in the safe this will help you to make an informed decision when choosing the best safe for you

Home Safe what you need to Know

What do you plan to store? Jewellery, Cash, Documents, Fire Arms, Electronics and media, like CDs, DVDs and photographic negatives, all require different safes and different sizes. For example, Media/ Data storage require a higher level of heat protection than paper documents. Cash and Jewellery will require a safe with some degree of burglary protect and may even require a cash rating which most good quality safes have. In Queensland safe suppliers need to have a Security Licence to sell the better-quality safes, Chain stores in the main don’t have these licences so they can only sell the lower end products.

How much storage space do you need? 

Check what you want to keep in the safe and always look for the interior dimension because it will be much smaller than the exterior dimensions.  If it is not, then it is most likely not fire resistant. 

Do you need fire protection? Home safes come in many types and sizes and many do not have a fire rating.

Where will the safe go? If you're choosing a large safe, make sure it will fit through doorways or up the stairways in your home. Some very large and heavy safes may only be installed on a ground floor. If you go for a small safe you need to secure it to the floor and many have holes in the bottom for you to do that. It is useless for you to put all your valuable in a safe just to see a thief pick it up and take it away.

What kind of lock do you want? Digital (Battery powered) Combination or Key locks

Are you concerned about aesthetics? Chrome handles and a glossy paint job are nice, but remember that ultimately, the most important measure of a safe's worth is how well it resists burglary attempts and fires.

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