Installing an In Ground Safe

In Ground Safes have no fire or water resistance and only achieve fire resistance through their installation method. When encased in concrete they have some fire resistance but are still vulnerable to water so it is important to keep them away from wet areas such as the laundry or garage.


The in ground safes may be installed in either concrete or timber floors.

The opening in the floor should be at least 100mm larger than the size of the safes length, breadth and depth.

The safe should be secured with a strong mix concrete 1 x sand, 1 x stone, 1 x cement. Steel reinforcing material can also be used to help bond the concrete and provide better security.

It is recommended that the mix be poured so that a concrete cover of at least 100mm (4”) exists around each side of the safe and brought level with floor.

Most Floor safes are not waterproof. In damp situations the concrete should contain a waterproofing agent.

Whilst the concrete is setting, the door should be removed.


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