• CMI Basic Safes are all 6mm steel construction
  • Model Basic 1 and Basic 2 have 6 x 25mm locking bolts and Model Basic 3 has 10 locking bolts
  • All models are fitted with emergency relockers as standard
  • All Models have 4 x 16mm bolt holes in the base
  • Colour – Silver Grey
  • Totally complies with  level 1 and 2 category A. B. C. D. and H guns. when bolted at 4 points.
  • Suitable as a pistol safe for use in a commercial setting.

BASIC                   EXTERNAL                   INTERNAL

BASIC 1D              Height 610mm       Height 598mm

BASIC 1C              Width 420mm         Width 408mm

BASIC 1D              Depth 440mm         Depth 360mm

BASIC 2K              Height 920mm        Height 908mm

BASIC 2C              Width 565mm         Width 552mm

BASIC 2D              Depth 520mm        Depth 420mm

BASIC 3K              Height 1530mm      Height 1518mm 

BASIC 3C             Width 615mm          Width 602mm

BASIC 3D              Depth 600mm         Depth 500mm