Constructed from 10mm steel plate door and body to Health Department specifications.

Model DS900 commercial drug safe has five removable shelves.

Our CMI Drug Safes come with multiple locking options:
1- Key only.
2- Digital only.
3- Dial combination only.
4- CS-KO-RS (card swipe access, key override, reed switch, wire exit holes in top rear of safe, excludes card reader).

• Complies to Australian Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Regulation Act - 2008.
• All 10mm steel construction, with retractable locking boltwork, secured by a ROSS-700 9 lever key lock.
• All models have 4 only 12mm bolt holes in base and 4 only 12mm bolt holes in back.
• All models have fully adjustable shelves.
• All models can be fitted with combination, digital or card swipe access with locking status switches and emergency key over-ride at an additional cost.
• All finished in silver grey