Safe Servicing

Queensland Safe Company has 30 years experience in the Safe industry. We employ licensed technicians who can service your safes or strongroom. With our network of trained technicians we cover Australia.

Our licensed technicians can service and repair all manner of safes, strongroom doors and other secure storage devices, including the following locking mechanisms:

  • La Gard
  • Milner Manifold
  • Ross
  • Sargent and Greenleaf
  • Mas Hamilton
  • Jackson

We recommend that combination locks be serviced every two-years, or at the first sign of difficulty.  It is much cheaper to service the lock than to wait until it fails

Many corporations and government departments prefer prevention rather than corrective maintenance. Qld Safe Co offers an annual or bi-annual service agreement for their security containers or safes covering the combination and locking mechanism. This gives peace of mind and minimises the risk of lockout caused by malfunction of the lock or locking mechanism

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