Safe Delivery and Installation

Queensland Safe Company can organise delivery of your safe any where around Australia or around the world.

What does it Cost?

The cost of delivering and installing a safe depends on the size and weight of the safe selected. Safes over 150kg must be delivered by our professional safe removers, however smaller safe can frequently be carried by courier or freight companies.

As a guide allow at least $2 per kilogram for delivery within Queensland, however more popular destinations will be somewhat cheaper - please contact us for an accurate price.

What does installation mean?

Free-Standing Safes.

Most safes will require bolting onto a solid structure, such as a concrete slab or wall.  Queensland Safe Company can organise the bolting down of your free-standing, wall, fire, drug or cash management safe, using construction grade bolts and construction adhesive (optional).

As with delivery costs, installation costs depend on the size and weight of the safe as well as the location where it is to be installed.  Installation of a small safe on ground floor, including bolting down would cost approximately $95.

In-Ground Safes

We have over 15-years experience installing in-ground safes.  If you're installing the safe into an existing slab, we will cut a hole in your slab and the secure your new safe using reinforced concrete.  Installation costs from $275 depending on location.

If your slab is not yet poured, contact us for minimum dimensions, so that your builder can leave the correct opening.

Can I pick the safe up?

Delivery and installation are optional services we provide. Safes can also be picked up at out showroom, but please note that safes over 100kg are extremely difficult to move once you get them home/work and should not be transported in a 'family' sedan.

What to do next.

Once you have determined which safe you require, email our sales department your delivery address and the safe model.  We will then confirm the price, including delivery and installation.


For more information about delivery and installation options please email our sales department.