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Here at Queensland Safe Company, we are determined to bring you the highest quality service and reliable brands of safes.  

Building on our 30 years of skills and knowledge, we have expanded from the Greater Brisbane Region to now delivering and installing safes Australia wide. 

Our helpful and qualified team is ready to answer any questions you have (even those you don’t know yet) to make sure you have the right safe for your needs. 

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Cash Management Safes

Cash Management Safes are commonly used in retail situations where there is a high turnover of cash. These safes are designed for staff to deposit cash quickly and frequently without having to open the actual safe.

Our range comes in a variety of options equipped with either a deposit slot or drawer to suit your needs. There is also the option for time-delay locks.

Commercial Safes

Constructed with the practical aspects of a business environment in mind, our range of Commercial safes are suitable for all businesses and establishments (including those of high risk applications).

Our models are typically consisting of a single, outward door and are secured with either key, combination or digital locks.

Drug Safes

Our Drug Safes are built to Health Department specifications and are designed to store medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and other hazardous medication.  These safes limit access to ensure that unauthorised or unqualified persons are not able to access the internal contents.

We offer a range of sizes with both wall and floor bolt down points.

Federal Government Safes

Our Federal Government Safes are endorsed by SCEC and are built to the Federal Government specifications.  Consequently, the Defence Force, Government facilities and other secure locations utilise this style of safe.

Our range includes a variety of 2 to 4 drawer, doors and cabinet styles in a selection of sizes. All safes are complete with a key or digital style high security lock.

Home Safes

Home Safes are one of the most commonly sold style of safes and are utilised in both personal and small business environments. The most common design is a free-standing single door safe, secured with either a key, combination or digital lock.

However, we understand that everyone has different needs and we offer a range of options.  Designs include internal fittings such as shelves and drawers, not to mention the option of some degree of fire resistance.

In-ground Safes

In-ground safes are installed into an existing or new concrete slab, consist of a single compartment with an upward swinging door and locked with either a key, combination or digital style lock.

These safes are also called in-floor safes or below ground floor safes. These safes are typically more cost effective than traditional above ground safes and can be concealed easily.

Record and Data Safes

Designed to protect paper, magnetic media such as computer disks and tapes as well as microfilm and negatives, our Record and Data Safes are here to protect your information.

Consequently, the majority of this range of safes provide a fire rating of one hour (minimum) and have been tested using international standards.  These extensive tests involve both heating in a furnace and a drop test to simulate a building collapse.

Rifle and Pistol Safes

Our Rifle and Pistol safes built to comply with the relevant Australian standards for weapon storage.  By featuring 5-10mm steel plate and a 6-lever key locking mechanism, these safes prevent access for unauthorised or unqualified persons to the enclosed firearms.

With the storage sizes ranging from one pistol to fourteen rifles, you are sure to find the size you need.

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Queensland Safe Company can organise delivery and installation of your safe anywhere in Queensland or around Australia. With the range of elements that impact the delivery and installation cost, each purchase will need to complete a custom delivery quote.  This quote is analysed and reported back to you, billed separately to the purchase of the safe online.


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